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Endurance racing is a team sport consisting of racers, crew members, sponsors and other interested parties. It is an opportunity to be part of a team and all that goes into a successful team effort

While I am the only racer in a solo event, of equal importance, is my crew. My job is to pedal and the crew’s job is to do everything else including navigations, nutrition, hydration, medical support, mechanical support as well as being a cheerleader coach and phycologist, in other words, everything required to keep me pedaling. I have two long standing crew members, my wife Kay, and longtime friend, Mike Moon. Depending on the event, additional crew members are needed.If anyone is interested in being a part of a very rewarding and demanding experience, contact me below.

The next important team members are our sponsors. Endurance racing is expensive with the total cost of Race across America (RAAM) often exceeding $30,000 per race. Sponsors are a great help in defraying some of that cost. Sponsors can benefit from the exposure they receive as well as the intangible benefit of being a part of the experience. Sponsorship can be in the form of cash contributions or products and services. If anyone is interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities, contact me below.

Finally the team consists of all interested parties who want to get involved in some way, from financial support to helping on the business side, to just being their along the way. I can’t emphasize enough the energy that is derived by having people involved along with the accountability it creates to get it done. In return hopefully I can be an inspiration and rekindle that can do attitude no matter ones passion, stage in life or the roadblocks thrown their way.

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