Lifelong Athlete Race Team Solo Rider Terry Bork


Endurance racing is both physically and mentally demanding. One question always comes up….why would anyone choose to do such a thing. For me, it is best summed up with these three words COMPETITION, INSPIRATION, CAUSE

I like the challenge and competition along with the training and preparation required to compete at a high level. I prepare to race the field but also to set age group records. I also like being different and part of a select fraternity.On Game Day it is exhilarating to be around a group of endurance athletes all with that can do attitude, who while competitors, also promote the feeling of togetherness. As one racer put it… a society we have become soft focusing on being safe and comfortable at the expense of what made us great….desire for adventure and risk taking. Endurance racing is anything but safe and comfortable.

I hope my efforts INSPIRE OTHERS TO DO WHAT INSPIRES THEM. Everyone must deal with the challenges they face throughout their life. No matter the challenges, finding and pursuing your passion, keeping the competitive juices flowing and remaining physically fit and mentally engaged is a lifetime endeavor.Self-imposed limitations will become reality but can be replaced with a can do attitude that says I will live my life the way I want and get better every day at whatever I chose to tackle.There are no quick fixes or magic pills, it’s all about pursuing your passion with a plan and sticking to it no matter what life throws your way.

In April of 2017 my wife, best friend, partner and crew chief Kay was not feeling well so we checked in at the Cleveland Clinic to find out the problem. Quickly it was determined see had Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She underwent chemotherapy each week for the next four months. Thanks to the great work of everyone at the Tausig Cancer Center she is now in remission. Half way through her treatments, she said we were racing in September. One week after completing her last treatment she was in the support vehicle for 20 plus hours. Our cause is to use endurance racing to support cancer research at the Cleveland Clinic.

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